Not everyone always has a lighter or matchbox handy, which is why learning how to quickly and creatively start a fire is a good survival tip to know. This unexpected trick allows you to create a flame using only a foil gum wrapper and battery.

First, you make igniter strips using the wrapper from a stick of gum. Shave a bit off of each of the sides of the wrapper, creating a bridge about 2 mm wide in the middle. One strip can yield about three igniters. Next, find a battery.

AA batteries are best for this, but AAA, C or D will work as well. This trick is great for people who hike or camp and often use battery-powered flashlights.

Carefully hold the ends of the gum wrapper to the ends of your battery. Then, prepare for your wrapper to ignite. Watch how unbelievably fast the foil lights in the demonstration video.

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