How to Make an Origami Bird

1. Starting white side up, fold you paper diagonally in half and then in half again.

Start with your paper in the position shown.

2. Fold the bottom left of the top layer up to the top right corner.

3. Repeat on the back.

4. This is what you should now have.

5. Make sure the paper is in this position.

6. Fold one layer from the bottom corner up to the top.

7. Unfold and reverse inside fold the last crease.

8. Flatten the model again.

9. Repeat the last fold on the back. This is the view from the top.

10. Fold the head of the dove down like this.

11. Inside reverse fold the head.

12. Pull the beak until it’s in the position you want.

13. This is what it should look like.

14. Fold one of the wings up, and repeat on the back.

15. Fold the tail to meet the vertical line.

16. Open the tail out and reverse fold the last crease.

17. Wrap the tail around the body.

18. It’s done!

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